Electronic Assembly Tools

Pactumax International Pte Ltd is a leading supplier and distributor of electronic assembly tools in Asia. We carry a large inventory of electronic assembly tools from various manufacturers including precision tools and precision cleaning solvents.

We carry Acu-Tool torque screwdrivers providing adjustable, accurate and consistent torque operations. Products include torque screwdrivers, stainless steel torque screwdrivers, ESD torque driver atta...

We carry Wiha precision tools including screwdrivers, torque products, L-key, bits sets, articulated hose systems, pliers, hammer set and measurement tools.

We carry NAC piping connection and screw and bolt tightening products including NAC impact sockets, ISO, quick couplings, torx tools, and NAC screwdriver bits.

We carry Quicher screw feeders and screw hoppers that can speed screw tightening operations. Products include the NJ Series, NJR Series, NSB Series and the NJR Series. Quicher screw feeders series fea...

We carry Freelin Wade plastic tubing and hoses including flexible tubing, reinforced hoses, tubing accessories, coiled hoses, specialty tubing materials.

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