Engineering Plastics

Pactumax International Pte Ltd is a leading supplier and distributor of Engineering plastics and Industrial plastics in Asia. We carry a large inventory of engineering plastics and industrial plastics in plastic sheets, rods and tubing, in various strength and applications.

FM4910 Fire Retardant Plastics are fire safe plastics to resist burning and to self-extinguish for applications in clean rooms and semiconductor industry.

Chemical Resistance plastics are engineered to with considerations to temperature and concentration making it suitable for applications including chemical linings, tank linings and more.

High Performance Films and plastics are engineered to specific criteria including resistance to temperature or flexibility conducive to specific applications from Aircraft Interior Trims to Flanged be...
Medical Thermoplastics are medical grade plastics which comply with FDA and the Class VI Specifications. Applications include Instrument Handles, Medical Device Components, Sterilization Tray Componen...
Static control plastic materials are classified as Conductive plastics, Anti-Static plastics and static dissipative plastics. Applications include equipment, jig and fixtures and components in the Ele...

We represent manufacturers and companies including Westlake Plastics Company, Glastic, Quadrant, Nippon Polypenco, Sekisui, Sumitomo,
Tsutsunaka, Corning, Saint Gobain, Dupont Vespel, Drake, Polymer Industries, Nytef, Rochling and Gapi.

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