New plastics from DuPonts

Vespel®TP is a ThemoPlastic family of materials developed by DuPont to future serve the diverse need of our customers and markets. DuPont has been perfecting high-temperature, high performance engineering polymers since 1967. And Vespel®TP is build on that experience, taking part-geometry possibility further, without complicated new processing techniques. This line of high-temperature and high-performance thermoplastic materials allows parts to be formed using typical melt-processing techniques such as injection-molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

Vespel®TP pars are products to customer specifications by a global network of DuPont qualified manufacturing partners. Each facility is ISO/QS9000 certified, giving our customers assurance of part quality. And in its never-ending quest for continuous improvement, DuPont is exploring development of additional grades to address future needs.