Pactumax International Pte Ltd is a leading machine components distributor and machine components supplier in Asia. Our large inventory of machine components includes precision tooling components, precision electro-mechanical parts, spring plungers, leveling devices, engine mounts and more.

Reid Tools

We offer Reid Tools industrial parts and supplies including spring plungers, ball plungers, bearings, castors, clamps, cotter pins, couplings, eye bolts, gears, hand wheels, hinges, knobs, latches, leveling pads, quick release pins, pull handles and linear motion components.


We offer Nordex standardized electro-mechanical components parts and assemblies including shoulder screws, sub-miniature Ball slide tables, worm wheels, anti-backlash nuts, linear motion components, precision ball bearings, thumb screws, timing belt pulleys, spur gears, rotary motion components and slip clutches.


We offer Vlier precision tooling components including spring plungers, ball plungers, bearings, castors, clamps, cotter pins, gears, hand wheels and hinges.

Barry Control

We offer Barry Control motion control systems and anti-vibration mounts including bonded tube mounts, machinery mounts, cup style mounts, high deflection mounts, cylindrical stud mounts, all elastomer isolators, metal and mesh mounts, castors, and specialty isolators.


We offer De-Sta-Co workholding and automation parts including automative welding, hydraulic workholding, robotic tooling, rotary motion, end effector systems, clamps, grippers, and linear motion.


We offer Avi-Bank fasteners and multi-component fastening systems including quick release pins and accessories, adjustable diameter fasteners, self retaining bolts and accessories, struts / hold-open rods, latches and keeper assemblies and panel fasteners.


We offer S&W machine leveling mounts and vibration mounts including spring loaded devices, knobs, spring plungers, and tooling components.

Darnell Rose

We offer Darnell Rose industrial casters and commercial casters including locks and brakes, wheels, bumpers and couplers.

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