February 2022

Feb 10 2022 By: Edward

Welcome to our new issue of Pactumax Monthly Advanced Product Alert for the Year 2022 – keeping you informed of new product and materials advancements.

This month’s featured items are Pomalux® SD-A and Delrin® 150 SA.

Pomalux® SD-A is an anti-static acetal co-polymer that has a surface resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohm/sq. The material is not carbon-filled, non-migratory and it is not dependent on humidity.

Delrin® 150 SA is a homopolymer acetal grade material. The main advantages are high mechanical strength, stiffness, creep resistance and hardness.

Please click attached link below for full details:

Pactumax Newsletter 116 – February 2022

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