July 2023

Jul 17 2023 By: Edward

Welcome to our new issue of Pactumax Monthly Advanced Product Alert for the Year 2023 – keeping you informed of new product and materials advancements.

 This month’s featured items are MONOCAST® MC501CD R2/R6/R9 and ERTALYTE PET-P/TX

 MONOCAST® MC501CD R2/R6/R9 has high mechanical strength, excellent wear and chemical resistance.

 ERTALYTE® PET-P possesses excellent wear resistance and has dimensional stability. It has low coefficient and high strength and has resistance to moderate acid solutions.

ERTALYTE® TX is an internally lubricated version of PET-P, providing enhanced wear and inertness over general purpose nylons or acetals.

Please click attached link below for full details:

Pactumax Newsletter 133 – July 2023


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